August’s Darling


August’s darling is warm and glowing.
She is stubbornly optimistic; the sand stuck between your toes, determined to make you reminisce over fonder moments.
One who you wish would return as soon as she leaves. For when she walks by, the memory of better days remain.
Her eyes as fierce as the summer sun.
In her smile, the promise of wonders yet to be found.
She shines formidably, ready to spin your world around in 31 days. For her, more is more. She will take every day she can get to transform in to her own.

For some, the intensity of her presence can be sweltering.
Her gaze causing them to fidget uncomfortably, impossible to relax.
Others thrive in her light, inspired by her passion, and will gratefully use the longer hours of light she gift wraps for each individual she crosses, so that they too can search for new meanings or adventure.

She will not only brighten your day but your outlook on life.
The sunlight which surrounds her makes your daily hassles fade in to the background.
Although she is captivating, please do not mistake her as malicious.
She has no ulterior motive.
If she does as little as to leave you with a smile on your face then she is content. She is not constricted by rules of what should or should not be.
She has the power to leave people believing the best about themselves. The ficklest of people may too become radiant after meeting her for only a moment.

August’s darling can be found in the middle of the room, surrounded by loved ones.
Her laughter is magnetic to anyone searching for a little joy.
But to limit her to being this alone severely underestimates her capabilities.
In fact, to limit her at all, would be foolish.

For it is when the sun sets that August’s darling becomes truly mesmerising.
She can be found staring out to sea. Or trailing her feet through the sand, training the restless waves to erase the last footprints of her day.
The muted hues of reds, pinks, and corals that line the sky are, like her, no longer blinding.
Her vibrancy softens, becoming whimsical and romantic.
Truly earning her the title of darling.
It is in this state of grace that she reveals her secrets and most heartfelt wishes.

Her unstructured nature allows for untold opportunities.
But within this, her own vulnerability is revealed.
With her heart pinned resolutely on her sleeve, August’s darling soldiers on through uncharted territory.
She is often asked by the people she meets what her trick is.
But there is no trickery, mockery or sleight of hand. You will find no smoke or mirrors surrounding her.
She simply believes wholeheartedly in the power of believing.

And with her sharing of reckless optimism it is no wonder why
– wherever she goes –
They all call her: August’s darling.




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