Skipping in the Shadows

the shadows

Skip in the shadows, my darling.
For you never know what you might find.
Stray from the path, my darling.
Walk through the woods.
Talk to the wolf.
Empathy, my darling, works wonders.
So can a little darkness.

Don’t fear the darkness, my love.
For it is there where the live things hide.
Go a little further. Step a little closer.
Fear not the shadows. They serve only as friends.
And know, please know, my love, the most loyal of all the companions you can have, is the dark.

Step close to the edge, my dear.
Whisper a secret. It will be hidden under folds of velvet.
Forever there to provide loyalty, an ear, reassurance.
Step closer still, my dear.
Do not fear what has only even shown you kindness.
Lean closer and listen to what the shadows have to share.

But my darling, my love, my dear, please remember:
take the direction you want, walk with who you will and it will always remain your choice.
Take the shadows advice at whisper level only, my love, for the alternative is to leap from the edge and submerge yourself entirely in the darkness.
But oh my darling, take care, for then you are no longer skipping in the shadows. The shadows will be skipping in you.

skipping in


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