January’s Daughter

january 1

January’s daughter is cold and dark.
She sits silent, in solitude, but with a secret in her eyes.
One whom you recognise but often forget.
She is forgiving as she is truthful.
She is fair but she is tough.
Reassuring yet resilient.
She is the warm heart trapped behind icy silver white instincts.

New Year’s Day is her first offering.
Presented to you with eyes full of false promises.
Forever failing to live up to her cousin, Christmas.
She somehow always manages to lose the magic of the month before her. Even the trees which were lit up prior to her touch, now stand dead.
She will always be a little bit disappointing.
A little bit fatter.
A little bit sadder.

She is often rushed past, or hurried through.
She certainly isn’t stopped to look at.
She wishes to be the calm before the storm, but her eye of honesty can sometimes be brutal.
Acting as the reminder of rain tapping on windows, of another years’ worth of wishes and wasted days.
Her offer of the truth left forgotten.

Many come to dread her.
But you may come to find she is a necessary evil.
…or you may find she is not evil at all.
Her eyes of shadows reflect back the past 365 days.
You may not like what she has to show you, but you cannot escape her wish to make you stop and think.

Ultimately it is your choice:
will you share your time with her,
or will you rush straight past January’s daughter?

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