A Friendly Reminder

a friendly reminder

Remind me how we say hello.

Remind me what it is I say that makes your voice sing and your soul smile.

It’s been a while.

A while since hello. A lifetime since goodbye.

Walk my way so we can bump in to each other again. And do this again.

Us. The same.

Let’s play chess. Let’s play you against me.

-and guess who’ll win. This time.

Our mime.

Our black and white ideals versus the rainbow of words we paint for the other.

A carousel of yes and no; our bobbing potential.

Dodging sentimental.

Because you’re swings and roundabouts, and I’m smoke and mirrors.

And I’m beginning to hate the oceans of unsaid between our fingers.

And I’m wondering if you’re curious enough to let yourself slip

-just a little bit, closer, to me.



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