More from you

more from you

I know that you know what you want to know about life. This is the place you’ve reached and it’s yours and that’s fine. But reconsider. If not for me, then for you. If not for you, then the you you could be. It’s important to me because it should be important for you yet you fail to grasp this. Please try. Stretch your eyelids open so wide that your eyes fall out and everything can just fall in to your head. Let it all fall in to your head. Feel the colours and the shade and the score of the life you live. If you could only see how much more to you there is, was, it’s missing now. You’ve taken that part and thrown it away. And I can’t help but feel that it’s my fault. I’m sorry if this is true. I’m sorry even if you don’t think this is true because if you don’t think it is then that means it almost definitely is. I think you listened too hard when they said pick yourself up and carry on. You’ve picked yourself up and carried on but you’re walking the same flat neutral line. You need to grab hold of that line and shake it then try walking it. Try walking those dips and peaks now. Let yourself stumble and know that a stride away is another hill to climb. It’s tough. It’s not impossible. You need this. I know you need this. You are the only one who doesn’t. You can’t see past this image of your stunted self as the norm. You need to. We all need you to. Because only then can we move forward.



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